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All About

So a little bit about me…..

I’m a mom to three, and a wife to one.  I’ve been behind a camera for most of my life.  I started taking photography courses long before digital cameras were even thought of.  While I stayed passionate about photography as a hobby, my “day job” was IT Support.  I never thought of making photography into a career until my daughter was born.

Like all new moms, we hit every chain store possible for portraits.  What I came away with was this: They reel you in with specials. $10 sitting fees and a print package. Sessions were back to back and crammed. Boogers weren’t edited off the pictures and rarely did they get a genuine smile out of my child.  And if I wanted digital files….well those were expensive and unedited.  I knew there had to be a better way – a more affordable way to get truly great pictures.  

And that’s why I started Photographs By Mish in 2009. I wanted to offer affordable yet beautiful pictures to the average person. People who can’t drop $1200 for senior sessions, people who can’t afford an expensive studio session with a traditional photographer who forces you to spend even more money on ridiculously priced prints.  

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