1. I can’t roll my R’s. Not even a little bit.
  2. I’m a flip-flop girl if it’s above 40. Below 40, you’ll find me in crocs.
  3. I’m VERY emotional. I feel things deeply, I just don’t always show it easily.
  4. My OCD confession: My bed. Sheets and covers must be tucked tightly!
  5. I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate.
  6. I love my wine as dry as dirt, but strangely enough I’m a big fan of Sangria!!
  7. Nature is my “Happy Place”.
  8. My favorite season is spring.
  9. I can’t curl my tongue either. Maybe that’s why I can’t roll those R’s…..
  10. Foods I can do without: Coconut, fake peach, strong hoppy beer and diet anything.

When I’m not photographing people, I love shooting nature. The moon and stars are one of my favorite things to shoot – they remind me of how small we really are. No matter the season, I love sitting in front of the fire. There’s nothing that smells better in the world. I’m very self-driven and can be a bit impetuous at times (more than I care to admit). One of my favorite movies is The Village and I love to get lost in a good book.


I completely understand that most people hate to be in front of the camera (because I do too!), but I also see the value of making these moments in our lives right now last forever. I take great care to provide you with images that bring out the best in you and that will be cherished for years to come.


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